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Mama’s Helper: Tiny Diner


Mealtime typical equates to a filthy floor in my house.  Not only do I subscribe to the “learning about your food through exploration” approach in the early stages, I have a youngest daughter who has earned the nickname “Shovel”.

The Tripp Trapp highchair was top of my list when I was pregnant with my first daughter.  The therapist in me loved the way it allows for proper positioning (adjustable foot support and adjustable seat depth).  Plus, I liked the idea of having the baby at the table in a normal human chair.  It seemed like a better idea than placing her in an alien ship plastic device.  I didn’t realize the discrepant mess factor between the two designs.  Without a tray, food has direct access to my floor.

*Tripp Trapp has since improved their design and you can now buy a tray accessory.   Sitting at the table without a tray is fantastic…. when they are older!  *

The Tiny Diner has been a great device to solve my mess problem! It catches the rogue food that drops en route to mouth.  And it’s portable for those lunches out!


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