In Home Consultation


The first year of a baby’s life can be overwhelming, as an understatement!  Feeding is no different.  Finding breastfeeding positions to manage flow or finding the right bottle, deciding when to offer purees, figuring out how to transition from purees, reading developmental feeding cues appropriately,  positioning a baby properly in the high chair, knowing what spoon facilitates oral motor skill development, how to teach a baby to drink from the straw….. it is all trial and error and I know you are doing your best.

Whether you are looking for help to transition from purees, have a very gaggy baby, or just don’t know why your baby refuses certain things, I can help.  I will collect a detailed history from you and from there we will individualize your consultation.  We will arrange a time to best accommodate your child’s eating and sleeping routine.  I’ll come to your home and observe a mealtime on your turf, with your equipment.  I will complete a feeding assessment to help determine what factors impact mealtime success.  We will talk through a variety of individualized strategies and you will be provided with a detailed consultation report.  After our session, you will have unlimited email and telephone support for 3 weeks.

Investment: $175 plus a small travel fee


Customized options for further treatment are available at a therapy rate of $120/h.

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