I am an experienced occupational therapist, specialized in paediatric feeding and swallowing.  I understand the intricacies of feeding development and the bumps along the way.  I also understand the immense love and desire a parent has to feed a child so she can grow and learn to the best of their ability.  We will work as a team to devise a plan that helps you and your child develop a trusting feeding relationship.  I strive to help parents feel confident feeding their children.   Paediatric occupational therapists are focussed on helping children to participate in activities of daily living including play, eating and learning.  I will assess your child’s developmental skills, oral sensory-motor skills, and the environment.  I can help if your child is struggling with: learning to use the bottle, texture progression, learning to use utensils or drinking container, or picky eating related to skill.  I service children ages 0 – 5 years old.

Mealtime with young children is crazy at the best of times, let alone kids with feeding challenges. I am genuinely honoured when a family invites me to join their team and co-navigate the feeding journey.

Make sure to check your benefit plan!  Many plans will cover the cost of registered occupational therapists.  Alternatively, the cost can often be applied to a health spending account.

I want to be the best mama I can be. My husband and I have three little girls under the age of 5 and I am one of those “I always wanted to be a mom” people. I’m a mess of wanting so badly to own that statement and feeling silly writing it all at the same time. I am a pediatric occupational therapist by trade and feel like my job was practice parenting, except only the easier parts because I could give the kids back after a difficult session and head home to my own quiet house. Becoming a parent has made me a better therapist. I get it. And boy am I embarassed at some of the things I have suggested to parents in the past. I now understand that I should have started our conversation with “How many times were you up last night?” or “Did your kid toss aside the food you carefully planned and prepared, only to ask for grilled cheese?”

I provide services in your home because I feel it is the place where your child’s strengths and weaknesses can truly shine through.  I do my best to work around your sleep and mealtime schedules to get a true estimation of skills and challenges.  I look forward to working with you!

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