Bathing and Health

Bath time: Unnecessary, but “nice to have” items are tearless shampoo, baby cloths (small and softer than adult facecloths), and a moisturizer.

A baby bath tub is really nice to have when baby is so tiny and has limited motor control.  It allows you to be more hands free to focus on the washing and get it done as quickly as possible.  Plus you don’t always have to get in the big bathtub with them!  There are many different styles of newborn bath tubs.  DSC_0334.JPG - Version 2

Thermometer: There are different types available including armpit, rectum and ear.  The most accurate type is a rectal thermometer BUT usually people rely on an armpit thermometer.  Armpit thermometers are less invasive and decently correct.  There is one version that measures temperature with a swipe to the forehead however they are quite expensive.  Don’t waste your money.  These versions have far more inherent error.  You want to trust the reading that your thermometer gives you.

Vitamin D:  The recommendation for our geographical area is 400 IU of Vitamin D.   The Canadian Pediatric Society (2013) recommends  800 IU between October and April for the city of Edmonton and north.

You can purchase a flavored solution called D-Vi-Sol.  This stuff tastes god-awful so I refused to subject my kids to it.  No wonder the babies that I used to work with sometime had a tough time taking it.  I’d refuse it too.  Flavorless drops,  baby D Drops, are a slightly more expensive alternative.  The dose is only one drop so you can put it on your breast, a pacifier, a bottle nipple, or your finger.

 Umbilical cord care: Calendula oil and a Q tip.  This is a great way to clean the umbilical stump and helps it dry out faster.  This was recommended to me by Briar Hill Midwives and it worked beautifully but I only have a sample size of 2 babies.  Use it full strength on a Q-tip.  Be prepared – it gets kind of gooey around the umbilical cord as it dries out.  Any other suggestions out there?

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