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Kicking the bottle to the curb….

You can see the light.  Your kids have hit a sweet spot and you feel like the fog is lifting.  Your 18 month old is sleeping well (usually), eating most things, using some words and understanding many requests.   Why mess with a good thing?!  This same little creature is also given a bottle of milk to fall asleep with at naps and bedtime.  This situation is far more common than anyone discusses because WE KNOW WE SHOULDN’T BE DOING IT.

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Healthy Teeth!

I came across this lovely Healthy Teeth Guide that includes a teeth eruption chart, and information on taking care of our kids teeth!

Cleaning gums before teeth eruption sets the stage for your infant to trust you in her mouth.  If there is trust and practice, your infant is more likely to become a toddler who will let you take a turn brushing her teeth.  At my house, we occasionally play “dentist” where the girls lay on the bed with their head in my lap so it is easier for me to floss their teeth.   Good practice for the real dentist visit!

Any other tips?


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