Food Apps for Preschoolers

Expose your child to new foods in a non-threatening way…..

Toca Kitchen


Cook and play with food

PeekABoo Fridge


Open the door to the fridge and find a new fruit, vegetable or healthy food. Similar to PeekABoo Barn and other versions


Dr. Panda’s Restaurant 

Cook for animal friends

Cook for animal friends

Food 3D Puzzle for Kids  – Build with wooden blocks to make a food item

Kids Food Adventure – Colorful pictures of new foods to try and fun facts about them.  You can track and rate new foods that have been tried.  This has a sticker reward chart and I don’t think a reward chart is necessarily the best way to tackle picky eating.  I like the idea of rating the foods kids try and keeping a little “food passport.”

CAUTION – I’m getting onto a soap box right now.  I don’t want your kids to try things because they want a new toy.  It may be a short term solution to encourage variety but I am not convinced the strategy will have staying power.  This is hard to hear:   you will get a bigger reward if your child has the opportunity to develop an intrinsic interest in food… it just takes longer to get there.   Just to make the water muddier, a sticker reward chart may have a place if you are starting with total refusal of most everything and you’ve tried many other strategies.  In that case, it needs to be thought of as a starting point and you need to be prepared to phase it out from the beginning.


Let me know if you’ve found any other food apps!!!


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