#1 tip for picky eaters

Allow your child to taste a food and spit it out.   I know, I know …… it seems rude and wasteful.

Give your child permission to learn about food.  Tasting and spitting IS learning.  Truly.

Being able to spit something out is EMPOWERING.  There is an out.  There is an escape.  Anything is less scary when you know you can stop without consequence.  I would consider tasting blood sausage if I knew I could spit it out at any point.  There is no way I would go near the stuff if there was a rule that I had to swallow it all.   It’s ironic that we place this expectation on our children and wouldn’t do the same with cultural specialties while travelling abroad.

Your child will taste the food but eating is still in her control.  Anxiety will decrease.  She may have trouble controlling the food in her mouth, or the texture makes her feel uncomfortable.  Give her a chance to experience these things without so much fear.  A very verbal child may be able to tell you how the food feels in her mouth, giving you clues for tweaking or changing the preparation method.  If all goes well,  your child may keep the food in her mouth a little longer or even swallow a small bite the next time.

Teach her to spit it into a napkin inconspicuously.  Once your child has a reasonable repertoire,  up the expectation.



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