Picky Eating Part 3

One more thing to think about before we get to the actual table….

Mealtime Scheduling

Grazing often shoots me in the foot!  Sometimes, the realities of multiple children necessitates snacking on the go or offering food to keep them happy versus snacking due to true hunger.

Grazing culprits include accessible snacks (i.e a bowl of cheerios on the floor all day), and liquids!  Juice and milk have calories that kids may fill up on right before a meal.  By the time the meal is on the table, there may be zero interest in eating the lovingly prepared, well-balanced (for the most part) meal.

Take a look at what your kids are eating when you aren’t at a meal or snack time.

Over the course of a day, a grazer never really has the opportunity to feel hungry.   Constantly topping up a mostly full tank doesn’t allow for an empty/fill cycle.  I’d like my kids to learn to eat when they are hungry, not when the food is present.  And by the way, I am always working on the same thing.  Just because the food is in front of me doesn’t mean I need to eat it!!!  Often times my eyes are bigger than my belly.



One thought on “Picky Eating Part 3

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