The gift that keeps on giving

I have been buoyed by my husband, family and village of mamas in recent weeks while I adjust to mama-ing three littles.  Ready-to-go suppers have been just the cat’s meow around here.  We have been gifted so much food that I’ve only cooked once or twice since our newest bean was born (just over 2 weeks ago). It’s been fantastic for this “massive bags under my eyes” stage.

The MVP in new baby gifting goes to a dear friend that works in child development.  She just gets it.   Seriously.  Her awesomeness is astounding.  I kept saying that we don’t really need anything…. and then a bag mysteriously appeared on my porch.  It contained a busy box for my 2 and 3 year old.  I’m not talking about just any busy box.  You. have. no. idea.  This is a big basket filled with ready to go activities that the kids can be independent with.  Really.  Each activity is in it’s own ziploc bag that the girls can into on their own.    Seriously.   Most afternoons, the girls go down to the basement, pick out an activity from the basket and hurry back upstairs to open it up next to me (usually as I am nursing).

I’m happy to send you a list of the individual activities if you are interested!

E & F's Busy Box

E & F’s Busy Box

Do it for your next mama friend.  She will love you forever and always.


Some new baby love:

IMG_1679 IMG_1689 IMG_1698

One thought on “The gift that keeps on giving

  1. Chelsey says:

    This is genius! Love the activity box. I’ve alos come across this in recent months its a great gift for a new mom.

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