Dreaded dayhome pickup

I have a love/hate relationship with picking up my kids from dayhome.  My heart quickens in anticipation of those “mama” squeals and funny little runs to the door.  The best part of picking them up is the moment while they wait for their dayhome lady to unlock the door with their hands and faces squished against the glass.   When I enter the house, it quickly transitions from sparkly eye wonders to whiney little cling-ons.

Not long after they are safely buckled in and we are on the road, one of them breaks down into tears because the other is looking at something deemed inappropriate.   Then the other one is crying because she is “stuck” in her carseat and wants milk/food.

My usual battle: how much food to give them to minimize the scream/cry  without ruining dinner………

Going to work and my crockpot are now married.  After enduring scream/cries of “I want out”, “Milk mama!” and “I want her STUFFIE!” for 2/3 of the drive, I’m nearly at the end of my rope by the time I pull into the garage.   I have limited cognitive ability at this point so having a meal await us is a necessity.  I have a couple of winning recipes and am working on building up my collection.  It just sucks balls to prep supper the night before.

So far, my best in car solutions have been:

-placing a bin between the two car seats and filling it with water bottles and a couple of books/toys that have been long forgotten about

-low calorie foods that have to be unwrapped ( dried snap peas in reusable zippered snack bags, rice cakes)

-allowing my oldest to try chewing gum for the first time.  She is a rule follower and does a really good job of handing me the garbage.  The only problem has been that her younger sister also wants to chew the gum.  While it was a successful strategy for the oldest, it just created another reason to scream for the little one… back to the drawing board.

Give me some more ideas people!!!

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