Mama’s Helper: Activity Ideas

I always thought I would be a “crafty” kind of mom.  I am an OT for goodness sakes.  Pinterest worthy crafts do not exist at my house and my craft cupboard is embarrassingly disorganized.   I can’t ever seem to remember to get the craft-specific supplies on my grocery runs.  Seems like success enough if I manage to remember most of the foods I wanted for the week AND didn’t have to haul anyone out screaming on my hip.  It’s normal to have kids leave Superstore looking like they just bathed in the free chocolate cookie residue right?!

I do happen to have a 3 year old who enjoys coloring, painting, cutting and general crafty/preschool readiness type things.  I don’t always have great ideas but I try my best to give her an opportunity to do those things most days.

Mama OT is  a great blog that suggested a resource called Productive Parenting.  It is a site that will send you age appropriate activity ideas on a frequency that you can determine!  I am trying out the weekly version…. will let you know how it goes.

Even if it just helps to give me some new ideas for quiet activities.  I need activities that the girls can do quietly on their own so I can do whatever needs to be done without 2 chaos creators by my side.  I have been lacking on the playdoh time lately and was re-inspired after seeing a few new ideas of what they can do with it (stack Cheerios on toothpicks stuck into the playdough,  stick raw spaghetti into it and stack penne pasta or cheerios, or stick small mr. potato head pieces in it to make faces).  They were quietly consumed for half an hour with minimal referee-ing necessary.   It was a good reminder that those kinds of sensory activities are really calming for my kids.   I know, I’m a peds OT and I so easily forget these strategies with my own kids.  The learning continues…..

Check it out!

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