Mama’s Helper: Dwink Box

I’ve been doing more solo road trips that I want to these days.  I’d rather listen to a kid learning to play the violin for 3 hours than drive alone to Edmonton with two small children in the back seat.  It is absolutely exhausting, especially when you leave at bedtime and no one ends up sleeping the ENTIRE time.  Then you get home, have to change kids whose pj’s are now covered in random sticky, powdery substances, put them to bed, unpack the car, and finally wipe down the car from all of the crap that’s been spilled everywhere.  Awesome.

Needless to say, this small investment has made trips slightly more palatable…. the DWINK BOX.  I try to save “crap”,  also known as easy to pack, novelty foods for solo mission car trips.  I once threw in juice boxes in hopes that this would be a  quiet time investment by the time you add in pulling the straw in and out of the empty box.  The first time I did this, it backfired big time.  In her excitement, my youngest grabbed and squeezed the juice box with all of her might, arcing the amazingly sticky liquid all over the window, side of the door and car seat.  Not the result I was hoping for. Then I came across this lovely device…..


Until she learns that she can just pull the juice box out from inside it, this thing buys me a good 20 minutes of bicker-free, yelling free drive time!  Win-win! I found mine at Chapters in the kids section, just next to the backpacks, water bottles and lunch boxes.

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