Mama’s Helper: Meal Planning

I am always looking for new ideas to spice up my week’s menu plan.  Quite honestly, menu planning doesn’t always happen.  I do know that things are always smoother when I take a few minutes on Sunday night to jot it down.

Pinterest has provided an infusion of new recipe ideas.  Find me there if you’d like to peek at my food boards.

Some of my frequent flyer websites for the transition to everyday food stage:


Eating Made Easy

Eat Teach Love

Nurture Baby

Home made baby food

Sites I check on a regular basis:

Iowa Girl Eats (thank you Jodi Woodland!)

Dinner with Julie

Averie Cooks

Our Best Bites

Skinny Taste

Please share any sites that give you inspiration….baby-ish  and beyond. I love finding new ones.

2 thoughts on “Mama’s Helper: Meal Planning

  1. I find that when I don’t take the few minutes to plan, I’m all over the place in the grocery store. I also love Dinner with Julie.

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