Mama’s Helper: Not so much

The commercial puree pouches are in my arsenal of travel snacks.  They work well for us although occasionally my overzealous squeezer makes a bit of a mess!  They seem okay in terms of nutrition but I really would prefer to have something refillable with food that I make. pureepouch

**The feeding therapist in me really dislikes the fact that the pouches eliminate the need to interact with food…. looking at it, smelling it and touching it.  These are not great for early eaters.  Babes early in their eating careers need to have a multitude of opportunities to LEARN about the food.**

I came across GOTOOB containers at Costco and had high hopes that I could replace the pouches.   gotoob gallery 7The girls helped me make a delicious green smoothie and we proceeded to fill the tubes.  I threw them in my bag and loaded everyone in the car.  Not 5 minutes into the car ride, Miss F had popped open the lid and managed to squirt the thick green sticky substance all over the window, her car seat AND Miss E.   Pandemonium ensued…….

Not impressed with these suckers for food use with little ones (unless the adult is controlling the squeeze).  They will not be part of our regular snack toolbox….. likely relegated to travel shampoo containers!  Darn it!

Anyone else come across containers that would work for this purpose?

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2 thoughts on “Mama’s Helper: Not so much

  1. Krista says:

    Funny you ask…I just saw this link in Today’s Parent magazine: Haven’t bought or tried but it sounds too good to be true! Refillable pouches that you can put your own purees into, awesome!

    We were busy with Mother’s Day events today and A had “pouch food” too, so easy but annoys me when I have a freezer full of homemade frozen baby food cubes…but they just don’t travel as well as the pouches!

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