Mama’s Helper: Tool Tips

I’d like to regularly post some tools that make life in my home just a little easier.

Up first: Latchy Catchy!

Latchy Catchy

This little gem was discovered on pinterest.  It is a fabric cover that goes over the side of the door and keeps the latch in.  It prevents little hands from accidentally slamming the door.   My oldest little insists on doing many things herself  and closing doors is one of them.  She is not the most coordinated little soul so most of the time she ends up slamming the door.  The slam often wakes up her sleeping sister.   Luckily, the latchy catchy cushions the blow and has stopped  the accidental wake-ups.  Unfortunately, those little hand can open the door more easily with the latchy catchy because you don’t even have to turn the knob to pull the door open.  Not a good thing for those escape artists!!!
I did buy a couple from the Latchy Catchy Etsy store to see how they were constructed.  I then ended up sewing my own with some scrap  fabric, batting and hair elastics.

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